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Our highly-knowledgable printing crew provides quality with quantity. Bringing your job to life IS our business, and we do it well. See what we have to offer...



Please send all artwork to size.

Ai - All fonts outlined

PDF - All fonts outlined

EPS - All fonts outlined

PSD - 300ppi


All colors should be converted to PMS spot colors swatches. Only PMS Coated colors can be matched. Please review a PMS book for comparison.


We also have a list of standard UNION colors in stock that do not require PMS matches. See Reference Page.


All artwork to size

All fonts outlined

All 'placed' images embedded


Dot gain is the opening up of 1/2 tones in a screen over time and usually peaks at about 30%.
Taking into consideration dot gain and ink bleed is essential in achieving the desired % of color when printed. We suggest using increments similar to the ones listed below to make multiple shades.

• To achieve 20% differences after printing 

(0% - 10% - 40% - 65% - 100%)

• To achieve 33% differences after printing

(0% - 20% - 60% - 100%)

• To achieve 50% differences after printing

(0% - 35% - 100%)

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